Bonderson 203

  1. Access to meeting rooms in Bonderson is granted by programming an individual’s Cal Poly identification card.
  2. Food and drinks, other than bottled water, are NOT permitted in this room.  Abusers may lose their privilege to schedule meetings in this building and may incur charges for damages/clean up, by Facilities Services.
  3. There are alcohol wipes (provided in the room) and a vacuum (provided in Mustang 60), available for your event clean up.  If the wipes are not there, contact the Dean’s Office at 805-756-2131.
  4. Clean up any trash/messes: To reduce attracting bugs and vermin into the building.
  5. Doors to the building or meeting rooms are not to be propped open at any time.

Bonderson 203 should always be setup in the fashion below.  If you arrive to an event and the room is not in this style, please report this to the Dean’s Office at 805-756-2131.

Furniture may not be moved, nor any additional furniture be brought in.

Before you leave, please be sure to:

  • Set up chairs and tables as seen in the photo
  • Turn off all equipment, lights, etc.
  • Close all doors