ATL (building 007)

  1. ATL Lobby and Keck Lab are reserved together and there is a 50 person minimum.
  2. ATL access codes are emailed on Fridays for reservations starting the following week.

To enter the building

  • Use the door facing N. Perimeter Road to ener the ATL Lobby.
  • Enter the code you were provided and then press #.
  • Use the door down the hall to the left to enter the ATL Keck Lab.
  • Enter the code you were provided and then press "Command".

Auditorium Setup:

The ATL should always be setup in auditorium style before and after every event. If it is not it should be reported to the Dean's Office at 805-756-2131. FURNITURE: The ATL has a total of 175 chairs and 51 tables (30 18"x6' & 15 22"x6') (6 bistros 4' tall). They are located in room 16 of the ATL.

Left Section: 7 chairs per row with 13 rows.

Aisle: The aisle should be four feet wide.

Right Section: 7 chairs per row with 12 rows.

Clean Up

Before you leave, please be sure to:

  • Set up chairs in auditorium style and neatly store the tables in room 16 (see below).
  • Turn off all equipment, lights, etc.
  • Close all doors, including the lobby doors.
  • Clean up any trash/messes: To reduce attracting bugs and vermin into the building and the bad smell of rancid food stuff, please drag trash cans outside if there is food stuff in the trash can. This includes ordering trash can drop off and pick up if there will be a large amount of waste created.

Cleaning supplies: Located in between the restrooms of the ATL, there is a metal storage cabinet. There are alcohol wipes and a vacuum, available for event clean up. NOTE: If there are no more wipes, please report this to the Dean's Office at 805-756-2131.